Thailand Junior Development Tour
TJDT First Stage Tour


Award for the TJDT season 2023-2024

Prize for each qualification events (1-8)

  • 1st Place

    Trophy + Certificate+ Points

    Trophy + Certificate + Points

  • 2nd and 3rd Place

    Trophy + Certificate + Points

    Trophy + Certificate + Points

  • 4th and 5th Place

    Certificate + Points

    Certificate + Points

  • 6th Place and onwards


    Points Only

For the class with 3 participants, only 1 trophy is to be awared (if any)
For the class with 4 participants, only 2 trophies are to be awared (if any)

Awards for Qualifying Rounds 

8 Central Tournaments
5 Regional Tournaments (North and South)

The top 5 players from central ranking, and the top 3 players from regional ranking (North and South), will be eligible to participate in the TJDT Final, Masters Championship at Singha Park Khon Kaen in December 2023. 

Order of Merit Awards

Highest Ranking from Order of Merit 2023-2024 season both Central and Regionals will be eligible to play in the next season’s tournaments without entry fee.

Provided that the OOM winners participate at least 6 tournaments for Central or 3 tournaments for Regionals.

Whatever regionals you get the award from, you can only apply the award on that region only.
*For example: if you win the OOM from Southern Region you only can apply free entry fee award on the Southern Tournaments only.

Prizes in the round Master Championship 2023-2024

  • Golfer who won the Master Championship match, both male and female in each class, will receive awards according the tournament factsheet
  • Golfers who finish first runner-up in the Master Championship match for both men and women in each class will receive awards according the tournament factsheet
  • Golfers who finish  2nd runner-up in the Master Championship, both male and female. will receive awards according the tournament factsheet 
  • Golfers who finish  Runner-up, 3rd-4th  place in the Master Championship for both men and women will receive awards according the tournament factsheet

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